joanna [jow·a·nuh]

I am a Product Designer with an engineering and banking background. Before I found my career passion in Product Design, I was a Test Engineer at Google where I realized how much I wanted to make a more scalable impact on the users with the freedom to design intuitive solutions with an iterative vision.

When working on the recent end-to-end design sprints, I see my value comes as a facilitator of processes and of team efforts. I have learned to really understand the context of the users and the product itself before actually solving the problem. (keeping in mind the business goal of course!)

In my future endeavors, I am looking to further hone design thinking skills and execution, and anchor myself in a meaningful company that users trust and rely on.

When I am not busy labeling Figma or Sketch layers, you will find me binge watching Bon Appétit on Youtube, bookmarking “Hot and New” restaurants on Yelp, and playing with VSCO on my phone!

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